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My Instruments

I primarily teach viola and violin lessons


My viola and violin students come to me for different reasons.  Some are in a school orchestra and want help keeping up in class, or want to expand on what they're learning there.  Others are just curious about the instrument and want to try it.  Some even come for help with college audition prep, or preparing for a performance.

Regardless of what path they're on, I guide all my viola and violin students to develop strong technique, music reading skills, and an understanding of basic music theory.

I also offer piano lessons for beginners.  I mostly use piano as a vehicle for teaching theory to my viola and violin students, but I also enjoy working with my piano students, and I still play piano myself to accompany my string students during lessons and recitals.

My Style

People learn better when they're not stressed; I keep the tone positive and welcoming so my students can do their best work.  

At each lesson we'll set goals for the coming week and make a plan for reaching them.  I'll give you specific steps to take and show you how to do them.  At your next lesson we'll either set new goals or come up with new strategies to pursue old ones.

I use playing-level-appropriate scales and etudes with all my students, in addition to a wide variety of solos and chamber music pieces.

I'm not a Suzuki teacher.  If you're a Suzuki student who's looking for something different, you are welcome here!  I've helped many Suzuki students who wanted to try the "traditional" approach.  On the other hand, if you're looking for a Suzuki teacher feel free to contact me, and I can refer you to some of my friends who are!

My Fees

I charge a flat monthly fee for lessons, regardless of how many lessons you have in a given month (usually 4 or 5, possibly 3 around the holidays).

30 minute lessons (most common) are $125/month.

45 minute lessons are $175/month.

60 minute lessons are $225/month.

75 minute lessons are $275/month.

Payment is due on the first day of each month.  I can help you set up automatic payments using a credit card or ACH bank transfer.  I also accept cash, checks, venmo, and paypal.

I don't offer refunds or rollover lessons if you need to miss your lesson.  I may offer you a makeup lesson at a time I choose, but I don't guarantee it will be a time that you're available.  If I need to cancel your lesson then I will refund 25% your monthly fee per lesson missed.

My Schedule

I generally teach on weekdays, and have availability in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.  Weekend lessons may be available during the school year, but are not available during the summer.

I take time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year, but I teach normally on most other holidays, even when public schools don't. 

I teach both in person and online.  In person lessons are taught at my home in Sandy.  Online lessons are conducted via Skype.  I may occasionally require students who normally come in person to do an online lesson, but those occasions will be rare.

As of January 2024 I have several slots open on Mondays, and limited available Tues, Thurs, and Fri.  For detailed current availability please contact me!

Getting Started

I always start new (or new-to-me) students with a free trial lesson.  It's a chance for us to meet and talk about your goals, and for you to see what lessons with me are like. 


If you have played before, you'll bring some of your old music to your trial lesson and play it for me.  It doesn't have to be perfect - we just use it as a starting point, to figure out what you already know and what things you can work on next. 


If you have never played before, then at your trial lesson we'll get you started with the basics!

After we meet, if we both feel good about it, we can talk about setting up weekly lessons.  I generally don't allow people to reserve a weekly lesson time before we meet, but I'm happy to discuss my scheduling options beforehand if you want to make sure there will be a good option for you.

To inquire about my availability and/or schedule your free trial lesson, please contact me!

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